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Far too many prospective franchisees devote their life savings to the acquisition of a franchise before they have a thorough knowledge of the industry or understand the many pitfalls involved in a poorly chosen franchise. My strong sense is that every potential franchisee should be well-versed in the underlying fundamentals of the franchising industry before he or she commits to the way of life it involves. The better you understand the industry, the better prepared you will be to take maximum advantage of the relationship with your franchisor. There is no doubt that it will also place you in a better position to negotiate the franchise agreement—the conditions of which will dictate every facet of your life as a franchisee for the term of the agreement. The few extra dollars spent on educating yourself could well translate into tens of thousands of dollars in the years ahead.

The Franchising Resource Center is your one-stop shopping center that includes many of the resources that a prospective franchisee, franchisor, or industry service provider might need to supplement his or her knowledge. Please click on the links below to see our available products in each category.

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