Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise

2nd Ed.
Publisher: Mary Tomzack, Source Book Publications Pages: 236 pp. Publication Year: 1999 Category: Books Price: $19.95 Weight: 1.0 lbs. Format: Paperback

Updated and revised in 1999, the reader acclaimed, non-textbook guide to franchising with new war stories, new success secrets, and all the needed how-to's for prospective franchisees. When you read Tips & Traps When Buying a Franchise you'll find out why one franchisee stated the book "should be the bible for anyone who is considering a franchise investment. I would have avoided all the pitfalls I am now experiencing if this book had been available before I signed my franchise agreement and lease."

If you have time to read only one book about franchising, make it this one. Tips & Traps is a fast read with all the information you need to make a good decision.

Insider Secrets Revealed

  • How to select the best franchise for your personal finances and lifestyle
  • The hottest franchise opportunities to take you into the 21st Century
  • Sources of financing-- why it's never been better
  • How to navigate the legal maze, understand the fine points of the franchise agreement
  • How to avoid last-minute deal breakers
  • Why co-branding makes sense
  • How the franchisor's financials affect your business
  • How to build a business empire with franchises
  • And much, much more

About the Author

Mary E. Tomzack is a noted franchise expert. She is President of FranchiseHelp, Inc., an information and research company which services prospective franchisees, multi-unit franchisees, franchise lending companies, investors and independent businesses seeking to become franchises. Ms. Tomzack is also the author of Going Global: Strategies and Techniques for New-Multi-Nationals (published by the Economist Intelligence Unit). She has been part-owner of two franchised businesses and previously founded and managed a company which manufactured and marketed women's fragrances.

Reviews and Commentary

Franchises are red-hot business opportunities - offering everyone from the corporate downsizing victim to the mid-life career changer to the recent college graduate the best path to becoming a successful business owner in today's troubled economy. Some franchises are mined with hidden costs, inflated revenue promises, poor marketing support and worse.

Learn how to tell the difference before you take the plunge! There's never been a better time to buy a franchise than now, provided you know what you're doing, says author and successful franchise owner Mary Tomzack. In this candid, hard-hitting book, Ms. Tomzack provides a crash course in selecting the right franchise and turning it into a lucrative, satisfying and profitable business.

You'll learn all the insider secrets you need to succeed, including how to select the best franchise for your personal finances and lifestyle; what the 5 hottest franchise opportunities are for the '90s; the questions you should ask up-front, before buying any franchise - questions that will prevent unpleasant surprises down the road; how to avoid the six most common first-year pitfalls; special sources for financing if you are a woman, a minority member or a veteran; how to navigate the legal maze, understand the fine print of a franchise agreement and avoid last-minute "deal breakers"; what to do in your first months as a new franchisee - from buying equipment . . . to recruiting and training employees . . . to mounting local promotions; where the ground-floor opportunities are in multiunit franchising and international franchises; how to build a business empire with franchises; and much more!

You'll also hear the war stories and success secrets of a wide cross section of franchisees from across the country. They will provide you with the hard-won tips, strategies, and advice that you can rely on to help make your new venture a successful one.

Table of Contents

  • Franchising for the 21st Century
  • What Makes a Good Franchisee?
  • Choosing the Right Franchise
  • How Can I Be Sure I Won't Lose Money?
  • What the UFOC Tells You
  • What the UFOC Doesn't Tell You
  • Finding the Best Sources for Financing Your Business
  • Up and Running
  • Franchise Trends and Opportunities
  • Expanding to International Markets
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