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3,000+ North American Franchisors
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Source Book Publications rents its highly accurate Franchisor Database of over 3,000 active North American franchisors.

If the franchising industry represents a significant portion of your existing or projected sales revenues, you know how important it is to keep track of the industry's constantly changing players. If you have tried to maintain the list yourself, you no doubt realize how expensive and time-consuming the task is. Source Book Publications removes this hassle by making available our Franchisor Database for a modest cost.

As the publisher of numerous annual books on franchising, Source Book Publications maintains on-going contact with the franchise community through questionnaires, phone calls and literature and Internet surveys. The Franchisor Database, which is updated on a daily basis, includes over 3,000 active North American franchisors and covers 29 fields of data. Past and current clients include American Express, Deloitte & Touche, Ernst & Young, Franchise Times, Microsoft, Price Waterhouse and the Wall Street Journal.

The complete database is available for rent at the cost of $1,500. Unlimited usage. Optional quarterly updates are only $150. (Quarterly update charges are cumulative -- i.e. if you do not elect to receive an update in a particular quarter, an update in the subsequent quarter will include the cost of the previous "skipped" quarter and will be invoiced at $300, etc.) Data is provided in Excel format and is sent via e-mail. Mailing labels are also available for $800. Accuracy guaranteed by a $.50 rebate on any returned mailings or bounced email.

Rental is conditional upon intended usage. There is a minimum order of $400.

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Click here to view the conditions of renting a franchisor database. Form must first be signed and faxed back to Source Book Publications before the database will be sent (fax number included on form).

View Sample Data

View free sample data from the database in Microsoft Excel. The 57 franchisor profiles (which are for illustrative purposes only) are typical of the data provided:

Sample Data

View an individual franchisor profile and overview in PDF:

Individual Sample Profile

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