"How Much Can I Make?"

2015 Ed.
Publisher: Bond/Barbarika/Buenaventura, Source Book Publications Pages: 368 pp. Publication Year: 2015 Category: Books Price: $34.95 Weight: 2.0 lbs. Format: Paperback

83 Financial Performance Representations

The single most important task for a prospective investor is to prepare a realistic cash flow statement that accurately reflects the economic potential of that business. "How Much Can I Make?" is an invaluable "insider's guide" that details historical sales, expense, and/or profit data on actual franchise operations, as provided by the franchisors themselves. Whether you plan to purchase a franchise or start your own business, these actual performance statistics will ensure that you have a realistic starting point in determining how much you can expect to make in a similar business.

Eighty-Three Item 19s in their entirety are included in this exhaustive study. Thinking about starting a fast-food outlet or restaurant? Enclosed are 21 examples (including Church's Chicken, Denny's, McDonald's, and Papa Murphy's) of how you might expect to perform. How about a retail franchise—there are 7 examples (including 7-Eleven and Snap-On Tools). How about service franchises—55 financial performance representations are provided (including Anytime Fitness, Kumon, Meineke, and Sport Clips).

It would be a colossal mistake to arbitrarily assume that you will generate over $80,000 in profits per year from your new business, simply because you have a good "feel" for the business and are willing to work hard. Your chances of reaching your goal are greatly enhanced by taking full advantage of the thousands of franchised operations that are the underlying basis of the franchisor-provided analytical data. As a result of reviewing these historical results, you will gain invaluable insights regarding the true economics of running a franchise, or your own small business.

Unfortunately, publication of a financial performance representation is at the sole discretion of the franchisor. Consequently, only approximately 60% provide this critical information. "How Much Can I Make?" includes a broad sampling of the total universe of financial performance representations available. Any serious prospective investor would be short-sighted in not taking full advantage of this extra­ordinary resource.